Monday, May 20, 2013

America XXL

People around the world say everything in America is big, bigger than the rest of the world. With our over sized portions on food, and our extremely huge house that some times only a few people live in. Also Americans buy huge gas guzzling cars such as big Ford Trucks and Range Rover SUVS also people don't just have one SUV but many. However, Not all American are this way. Some try to  save the planet and drive hybrid cars. But I believe that the stereotype of everything being XXL on our food. America as a nation is fat and we created fast food which is full of salt and other bad things that we shouldn't put in are bodies. This stereotype is true some times because not everyone in America eats fast food or  eats over sized portions  nor does everyone   drive a SUV but alot of people do. That's why  people from other countries look at our country this way. They look at what they see on TV and the Internet and believe what they see. But personally I belive that America is XXL because we do drive huge cars, and have huge food portions, everything in America is big and we are famous for our music and events that show the world that we are the super power.

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