Monday, March 25, 2013

South Park is it racist?

South Park has many stereotypes basically in every episode. This show racially explodes races in different  comedy skits/episodes. the first episode was in 1997.In this show  they make fun of celebrities also religions and raises from making fun of Jews and all the way to Asians..The characters Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and kyle. Cartman always makes fun of kyle because he is Jewish. there is an also an episode when cartman gives a speech to the school about ginger kids and how they are non human and have no souls. This shows jokes around with stereotypes and raise in every episode. South park shows other countries how Americans joke about raise and when other people come here they think its okay to act in these ways.  my opinion is that south park is a hilarious show that I've been watching for a long time, and as an American i don't take the stereotypes and rascally jokes seriously i think it's a different kind of humor.

Monday, March 18, 2013


This image is America shaped in words.  and about how people in America look at other states around the country.  California is the life of the party, because every other state thinks all people in California do is party. Florida is where old people go to retire so it says Old Peeps. This is stereotyping different American states from the people that live in our America  that think they know what every state is about, but these cant all be true because not every person in Florida is old but the rest of the country looks at it like that. The south says Obesity Epidemic and right above it says fried chicken this is an assumption that all people in the south eat fried chicken and are over weight. stereotyping happens with in our own country. also people that are not from this country could look at this picture and descide what america is like just from the words they can make assumptions on Amercian society.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Golden ARCHES

I selected this image because it shows how other societies look at America. Are nation is fast food capital of the world, the land of the golden arches. In America one and four Americans will visit a fast food restaurant every day. America is an obese country thanks to all these fast food chains. It's Americas Stereotype. Even are portion sizes are bigger then from around the world. Other countries look at us though this picture from the image. These fast food chains are around the world now, so we Americanize other countries around the world.